Plagiarism Disclaimer

While I’m fairly certain these blog quotes are my unique works,
I’m absolutely certain the sediments are not…

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While I rarely have to reboot my computer in the office,
I frequently want to boot my computer across it!

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Never Settle

The thing that make us most vulnerable to failure – is success.

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The ability to flex allows us to lift heavy stuff;
the ability to be flexible allows us to endure it.

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I Gotta Go!

It’s interesting to note that cases of overactive bladder syndrome sharply increased right around the same time that the Big Gulp was invented.

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Left Unsaid

To understand someone you should listen to what they say.
To know them you must listen for what don’t.

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Modern Correspondence

Under twenty five words?
Shoot me a text.
A couple of paragraphs?
An email works best.

Need a few minutes time?
give me a call.
A little bit more?
Let’s talk in the hall.

More time than that?
I’m gonna say,
let’s schedule a meeting,
for some other day.

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