A Tuned Universe

"Pillars of Creation" so named because the gas and dust are in the process of creating new stars

“Pillars of Creation” so named because the gas and dust are in the process of creating new stars

QUESTION: If physics is tuned or adjusted to guarantee some physical event takes place – what would that event be?

CONJECTURE: If the physics of our universe is indeed ‘tuned’ then it is optimized to ensure star formation.

We know that the physical universe we observe and measure is finely tuned. We also know that if any of the ‘settings’ such as the Planck Constant or the speed of light are off by just a little bit, our universe would not exist. Therefore my hypothesis is that our physics is ‘tuned’ to ensure some specific physical event. And if so, my conjecture is that it is optimized to guarantee that a star is born.

Why, star formation? Well before I get into this let me comment on the idea of a tuned universe because this begs another very important question: ‘Who is doing the tuning?’ I don’t need to rehash the entire creationism versus evolution argument but suffice it to say there are probably trillions of words written on this topic. The great thing is that my tuned universe can exist within either paradigm, intelligent creator or natural selection. If we exist within a ‘simulation’ coded by an intelligent creator, then I propose this designer optimized our simulation for star formation. If our universe is a result of natural selection, then the definition of a ‘fittest’ universe is the universe that can birth stars.

Now on to ‘why, star formation and not atom formation or galaxy formation?’ The answer is because each of these other processes (as well as many others) are either required for star formation or a direct result of the physics related to star formation. In order for a star to form you need stable atoms. And if you fine tune physics to ensure stars are born, the rest of the stuff we see happening such as galaxy formation, falls out in the wash. In fact I propose that some of the strange stuff we see falling out of the proverbial wash such as dark energy and matter – also are a product of this tuning.

Furthermore, stars are the ‘engines’ of our universe. Stars drive all subsequent processes from plate tectonics to photosynthesis. So if you tune the universe settings to ensure stars form, energy is created to drive everything that takes place downstream.

And finally, the conditions required to create stars include all of the forces found in modern physics such as: matter attraction (gravity), thermodynamics, mass-energy exchange (e=mc²), stability of elements essential for fusion, and so on.

Another nice feature of a star is that its life cycle, from nebula to supernova, fertilizes the universe with all of the known elements. Stars are element factories. The life cycle of a star also creates and anchors solar systems. If you get stars right, you get planets right and you get a lot of other stuff right.

So can we prove or disprove this conjecture? Maybe. I propose that a computer simulation of the universe be coded up that runs iterative simulations. With each simulation run, randomly adjust the physics settings, keeping the settings that improve fitness for star formation. If the simulation evolves towards a universe that looks like ours, then a proof for this tuned universe where star formation is ensured, would be strengthened. Furthermore, if the anomalies we observe such as dark matter and dark energy are required to create a ‘fitter’ universe for star formation – this may explain the ‘need’ for these observed constructs.

So there you have it – my conjecture for a star optimized tuned universe.

P.S. If you are curious about where quantum physics fits into this conjecture – read my other blog entries on that topic.

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Synopsis of Gilgamesh

Synopsis of Gilgamesh.

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Truth’s Trek (part 10)

heic0211hThis examination is neither mystical nor mathematical – even though it feels that way at times.  It is an empirical exploration that began with a simple question, What is Truth? The observation that being near to an event increases our certainty of its veracity begs the question, How close can we get to events in space and time? It turns out there is a physical and mathematical limit physicists call the classical limit beyond which classical mechanics gives way to quantum mechanics. Our best microscopes have now allowed us to take a picture of this fuzzy reality. Quantum theory suggests that many or all possible events (or truths) exist and that act of observation resolves it into a single truth. In this series we took the heretical, outrageous road less traveled and postulated that a single truth does exist beyond the classical limit. Just because the animal’s tracks cease to exist when they cross a stream – doesn’t mean the animal ceased to exist there. So if it does, how does it exist there and how does it get here? In other words – What is Truth’s Trek? We answered both questions as follows:

Truth transitions from dimensionless, timeless information to the physical, temporal arrangement we call space-time. This transition takes place along a dimension not described in classical physics. When we observe matter at Planck constant scales, the properties of location and momentum become uncertain because we are viewing the edge of this transition – where Truth bends into our space-time reality.

I arrived at this idea using raw logic –  sans math and religion. But it turns out that there is a theory that aligns with these ideas. I found out about this theory while I was researching what I felt would be a perfect home for form-x truth – the boundary of a black hole. I felt the boundary between the outside and the inside of a black hole (beyond the event horizon) would make a perfect home for dimensionless, timeless truth. Well it turns out that the Holographic Principle describes a similar concept. It postulates that our three-dimensional universe exists on a two-dimensional information structure ‘painted’ on the cosmological horizon. Combine this with my hypothesis that our entire universe exists inside of a black hole and we arrive this final thought:

There is one truth. It exists in pure form as dimensionless, timeless information at the boundary of the black hole within which our universe resides. This pure version of events is projected onto our space-time fabric via a dimensionless, timeless path not described by classical mechanics. And when we look close enough at our space-time fabric things get blurry because we are viewing the knee of this transition – where Truth bends into Reality.

The theory proposed by this thought experiment interestingly enough – provides answers to these questions. If I have more free time – I will go into the details:

  • Why the arrow of time only points in the forward direction (nothing in our current understanding of physics says that it must point in a specific direction).
  • Why the speed of light is the classical speed limit (hint – it is the derivative of the truth function).
  • How the universe expanded faster than the speed of light just after the big bang – resulting in cosmological inflation.
  • What the ‘complete’ picture of energy looks like (yes – this may explain dark energy).
  • Why irrational numbers exist (hint: they are mathematical interpretations of forms that exist at the cosmological horizon).
  • Why we will never able to time travel back in time (note: we can already time travel forward in time by changing our relative velocity).

If everything we experience exists in a dimensionless, timeless state at the cosmological horizon of our black hole – then some of these philosophical questions can also be addressed:

  • Is there one ultimate truth?
  • Is our fate predetermined?
  • Where are we and how did we get here?

I operate under the belief that our brain provides us with the machinery needed to figure these things out. As it stands right now – quantum physics describes a non-intuitive, nonsensical reality. This theory says that quantum confusion is an illusion of vantage point and by viewing our universe from a different perspective – the confusion is removed and things make sense again.

To be continued (if I get more free time)…

p.s. If you are physicist – give me call – I think this theory can be examined mathematically to determine its veracity (or lack thereof).

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Truth’s Trek (part 9)

presidential-dollar-coins-with-printing-on-edges-public-domainAs pointed out in the previous post, the true shape of things can be revealed when we tilt and view them from a different perspective. Our challenge is tilting Truth in a dimension not expressed in Einstein’s space-time fabric. The payoff however is that we would be able to view truth’s path (the Truth Function).

Of course – I don’t know the equation for the actual Truth Function. However, I do like the properties of the curved line we used in the Riddle of the Ray because it seems to mimic the two forms of truth. So lets assume the truth function is a curved line, asymptotically approaching the two forms: form-x and form-y.

As with the stacked coins in the image shown above, the section of the coin parallel to us has dimension. We can even read the inscribed words – I see the words In God We Trust in various places. The section of the coin perpendicular to us is dimensionless, however we know this is just a trick of perspective. We know the words In God We Trust are there too – but we cannot discern them. The coin leaning up against the stack reveals its true shape – a circle – another kind of curve.

It is this perpendicular section of the curve – where dimension transitions to uncertainty  – that is interesting. It is reminiscent of what happens at the classical limit. Whereas we can discern the order of the inscribed letters on the coin’s edge in the parallel section – those same letters on the perpendicular section appear to occupy the same space. Just as with the electron cloud, the position of the letters as measured on the edge of the coin are indeterminate. If we make very precise measurements, we may be able to calculate probabilities for the positions of the inscribed letters based on minute clues – however at the very edge – the letters all occupy the same space. They appear to be in multiple places at the same time – reminiscent of quantum theory – isn’t it.

So one possible solution to Truth’s Trek is:

Truth transitions from dimensionless information to a physical/temporal arrangement. This transition takes place along a dimension not described in classical physics. When we observe matter at Planck constant scales, the properties of location and momentum become uncertain because we are viewing the edge of this transition – where Truth bends into our space-time reality.

So if this hypothesis is correct we have to find a home for dimensionless, timeless truth. Where does form-x truth live? We know where form-y truth lives – we are surrounded by it. Well it turns out I know of a perfect home for dimensionless, timeless form-x truth… To be continued…

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Truth’s Trek (part 8)

trainIn the previous post I defined two possible forms of Truth. The first form (form-x) is how Truth exists at the beginning of its trek – imperceptible, timeless, dimensionless – and the second form (form-y) is how it exists at the end of its trek – where we interact with it and where it behaves according to the classical laws of physics.

Notice these two forms in the picture of the train (above). The part of the train at the right side of the picture is nearly dimensionless in length – just like the form-x brand of truth. Contrast this with the left side of the train traveling perpendicular to us. We can clearly see the length of these cars – just like the form-y brand of truth. So are the train’s cars changing length? Are the cars at the right of the picture dimensionless in length? No – of course not. As with The Riddle of the Ray – it’s a matter of perspective. All of the cars are the same length. And if we view the train from above – aerially – we can discern this fact. However – when we view the train from ground level – the train cars to the right appear to become dimensionless because of the bend in the track. This is the essence of my theory – there is a bend in the track that truth is on – as it moves from its source towards the classical limit. The shape of this bend is described by something I call the Truth Function and once past the classical limit – demonstrated by the track orientation on the left side of the picture – we view truth in the familiar 3D we all know and love.

OK – this is what I propose is happening with Truth’s trek. Our reality bends into view along an imperceptible dimension – creating an illusion of uncertainty that we rationalize using the mathematics of quantum mechanics. Wow – this is an outrageous – heretical statement isn’t it! I just said that – ‘quantum mechanics is the rationalization of an illusion’. Yikes – I think Heisenberg just rolled over again in his grave – sorry guy! But – if we are going to derive a Grand Unification Theory – then we need to rock the boat – right? Again – I labelled this ‘bend’ in Truth’s trek from a dimensionless, timeless (information) state to a classically described space-time fabric the Truth Function. While I leave you to ponder this outrageous, heretical concept – I will list out what we have defined up to this point:

Truth (form-x): dimensionless, timeless information

Truth (form-y): classical space-time fabric

Truth Function: the transition from x to y (again – not transitioning in space-time as we know it)

In the next post we will take a closer look at truth’s path – or the Truth Function.

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Truth’s Trek (part 7)

Butterfly_Adult_Emerging_Chrysalis_all_steps(OK they dismissed us from jury duty – the guy plead guilty before the trial started. I guess I better wrap this up)

The Riddle of the Ray allows us to experience the concept of limited perspective. What appears to be a ray from one angle is really a bent line from another perspective. We also experienced how this change in perspective provides answers to seemingly paradoxical phenomena such as – how can the length of one ray be the same as a line.

So armed with this ‘experience’ I believe we are better equipped to grasp what may be happening at and beyond the quantum horizon. To do this – I need to describe two forms of Truth. The first form (form-x) is how Truth exists at the beginning of its trek where it exists as described by quantum mechanics – and the second form (form-y) is how it exists at the end of its trek – where it behaves according to classical physics.

One more thing – I need you to suspend your notion of time. These two forms do not exist in time. They do not happen one after another. Just as with the Riddle of the Ray – Truth’s Trek moves along a path we cannot discern. Got it? OK here we go:

Truth (form-x): Truth is dimensionless, timeless information.

Truth (form-y): Truth is arranged in physical and temporal dimensions.

Let this sink in. Remember – these two forms of truth are not separated by space and time. However, just as a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly – truth morphs from form-x to form-y. Again – this metamorphosis of truth is not a time sequenced event. It is a transformation that takes place along a dimension we cannot discern. And now that we are armed with the solution to The Riddle of the Ray – we will be able to mentally tilt this metamorphosis and examine what is really going on at the classical limit.

To be continued…

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Truth’s Trek (part 6)

Van-Gogh-Wheat-Field-with-CrowsSo how does the solution to the Riddle of the Ray apply to our perception of reality near the quantum horizon?

Well, the answer lies in this statement – which holds true for both:

Some things cannot be discerned when viewed from a certain perspective.

A bent line when viewed on edge CAN appear to be a ray. Correspondingly, matter such as a hydrogen atom, when viewed from three dimensions of space and one dimension of time – appears to take on uncertain states.

Put another way:

Einstein’s space-time fabric may not provide us with a vantage point from which to view physical phenomena as it exists in all of its forms.

Just as we are unable to discern one side of the bending ray when viewed on edge – we may not be able to discern the true state of matter at very small scales near the Planck constant. Artists understand this concept well. Take a look at the dirt paths in Van Gogh’s painting, Wheat Field with Crows, displayed in this post. The path becomes dimensionless at the horizon, just as our reality becomes dimensionless at the quantum horizon.

So what is actually happening at and beyond the quantum horizon? What form does the Truth exist in prior to its expression in our space-time realm? In order to comprehend a possible answer we need to be armed with the concept illustrated by The Riddle of the Ray – the concept that:

Some things cannot be discerned when viewed from a certain perspective.

To be continued…

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