Achievement Paradox

How can you arrive if you never leave?

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The Big Question

What should I have for dinner? I’m a horrible cook and Julie’s not here. As I sit here pondering this Big Question my mind wonders – as usual. And now this pops into my head…

Every god is faced with the same question, what shall I create?

As god you are, by definition, the supreme being. And as Mel Brooks pointed out, it’s good to be the king. Unfortunately there is one small problem. Who is going to create you? Let’s face it – without a creator you can’t exist. But, if you do have a creator then you are not god – they are! It is a pickle, no doubt. So how to solve it?

Well there is one possible solution that doesn’t violate the creator – createe contract…

Every god must be their own creator.

Ok, it’s sounds kind of tricky – this whole business of creating yourself but you can’t let that deter you – you’re god for god sakes! Ok so what to do, what to do? How will you create yourself?

How about this? Start by tying the first day to the last day. Ok good, right? Now what? What does this accomplish? Well it turns all of creation into a big loop. Everything that happens in our loop had a moment before and a moment after. Ok that sounds right. So what next?

Well stand back and take a look at your loop. There is a special place in the loop – do you see it? There it is – the place where the first day connects to the last day. What should happen there? How about this, situate yourself as god on this last day, and take a look at the first day. Got it? Good. Now, ask this question –

What has to happen on that first day that will start a chain of event that will lead to me standing here on this last day as a god – a god powerful enough to create the first day.

And BANG! The correct answer to that one question sets in motion everything required to result in your creation. Which of course brings us back to where we started…

Every god is faced with the same question, what shall I create. And now we have the answer: myself.

Every god must set in motion the chain of events that leads to its own creation. So what does this mean for us – mere mortals?

Well I think it answers a fundamental question. No not who shot JR (boy that dates me! You kids can google that one). No – it answers the question – what is our purpose, why are we here? And if my insane logic is correct the answer is clear. Everything that exists, space, time, the universe, physics, stars, planets, biology, intelligent life, culture, religion, politics, the internet, reality shows TV shows, you, me, everything – everything exists to fulfill one purpose… And that purpose is to be a part of the loop that eventually leads to the creation of a god powerful enough to create itself and everything in between.

Ok so now that that’s solved, on to the Big Question – what to have for dinner – ah – heck with it – I’ll order take out!

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Quantum Bottleneck

A Quantum Bottleneck is like a many-worlds weigh station.

A Quantum Bottleneck is like a many-worlds weigh station.

I would like to coin a term: Quantum Bottleneck.

A Quantum Bottleneck is a moment in time where all possible outcomes resolve down to only one possible outcome.

The Quantum Bottleneck concept is based on the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics which implies that all possible outcomes or futures are real, each representing a world or universe. This means that every time you flip a coin, both outcomes take place. In one universe the coin comes up heads, in the other it comes up tails. A Quantum Bottleneck is encountered when a situation is presented that has only one possible outcome. In other words, it’s where all possible universes collapse or bottleneck and pass through one reality. For example, if you had a two headed coin, the only possible future is one in which the coin comes up heads. In the movie, The Matrix Reloaded, Morpheus describes a Quantum Bottleneck as,

What happened happened and couldn’t have happened any other way.

In my short story, KL2, I reword the famous line. Here is the excerpt:

When Mimi was knocked to the floor by the man in the bulletproof vest, Dr. Roslan’s life passed through a quantum bottleneck. Everyone has experienced them, quantum bottlenecks, where all possible outcomes converge down to one fated event. No matter how many times we replay them in our minds, searching for an alternative result, we can’t find one. Where what happens happens and couldn’t have happened differently.

The moment before Mimi was knocked to the floor, they were sharing a laugh in the lab. Dr. Roslan was telling Mimi about his date with Professor Durham. The moment after – Dr. Roslan was tackling the vested agent. No one would advise you to tackle an armed federal agent. No one wants to be booked on charges of assaulting an officer and no one wants a broken arm. If a way to avoid this result existed, it would have been taken. But an alternate universe doesn’t exist. There is no universe where Dr. Roslan doesn’t defend Mimi and tackle the armed agent. There is no universe where he isn’t booked and his arm isn’t broken. Quantum bottleneck, pure and simple.

If the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is correct, then there is a possibility that Quantum Bottlenecks exist. If they do exist we can theoretically use them to our advantage. For example they may serve as time travel nodes. Think of them as weigh stations through which multiple universes must pass. I can think of other implications but I will leave it at that. If you have every passed through a Quantum Bottleneck, you know what I am talking about. Feel free to use the term, and if you can, attribute it to me. OK – back to work!

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Cigarette Stories

I’m not one but I’ve observed that gathered cigarette smokers seem to have the best conversations. Lots of animation, laughing, gesturing. Cigarette stories must be amazing. Like I said, I don’t smoke but I’d sure love to know what the heck it is they are talking about!

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Infinite Infinities

String-Theory-Can-be-Tested-After-All-2Vandana Singh’s wonderful science fiction short story Infinities introduced me to the German mathematician Georg Cantor. In her award-winning story, Singh describes a mathematical epiphany that involves a higher order landscape as an explanation for the seemingly random distribution of prime numbers. Her description of this epiphany and Cantor’s theory of transfinite numbers both seem to jibe with my Truth Function theory. This led me to dig deeper into Cantor’s work. What I found regarding how Cantor’s theories relate to my ideas compelled me to write this post. Thanks to Vandana Singh’s science fiction story – I believe I now have a deeper understanding of where my ideas might fit into the world of mathematics.

Let’s start at the beginning. The aforementioned German mathematician Georg Cantor proved that real numbers are “more numerous” than the natural numbers. This proof implies the existence of an “infinity of infinities”. In other words, some infinities are different from other infinities. According to Cantor, transfinite numbers are larger than finite numbers, yet not necessarily absolutely infinite. This ‘now’ accepted idea was originally regarded as shocking and we can see why – how can there be a number between finite and infinity? This doesn’t seem logical. Like many currently accepted scientific conclusions such as quantum mechanics, it doesn’t square with our intuition.

Infinity means without limit. Finite means limited. So according to Cantor, transfinite numbers are unlimited in quantity but somehow less than infinite numbers. How can a thing be unlimited yet less than infinite? Well it turns out that I may have come up with an intuitively logical solution to this illogical result. By the way – my idea also provides a logical solution to the illogical results yielded by another puzzling idea known as – quantum theory.

In the Truth posts a solution to infinite infinities can be visualized using what I call, The Riddle of the Ray. The Riddle of the Ray is a thought exercise that answers the question, “how can a ray and a line both be the same length even though a ray is a half line?” My solution involves the introduction of a hidden dimension. In the Truth posts I show how this result provides an intuitively logical solution to quantum mechanics. I believe that this result may also provide an intuitively logical solution to Cantor’s transfinite numbers. Let me explain how…

The ‘Riddle of the Ray’ provides a solution to the paradox of transfinite and finite numbers because it shows how a ray (transfinite in length) can be compared to a line (finite in length). A ray is sometimes called a half line because two collinear rays comprise one line. Therefore a ray should be half the length of a line. The paradox is that a ray is infinite in length – as is a line – which means they are both the same length. Cantor proved that these types of different size infinities do indeed exist. My solution to the Riddle of the Ray provides a possible solution to this paradox. It explains why we perceive rays or transfinite sets as less than infinite and greater than finite. The solution involves a hidden dimension. I propose in the Riddle of the Ray that a ray is actually a bent line. The trick is that the bend is not in one of the known three dimensions of space. The ray is bent in a hidden or unperceived direction.

Side Note: hidden dimensions may sound nonsensical on the face of it – however remember that string theory proposes 11 dimensions of space. Yes, hidden physical dimensions are not new to theoretical physics.

When we tilt the ray along this hidden dimension it is revealed that a ray is in fact a line. This then resolves the paradox. Rays or transfinite numbers are extra-dimensional. So when viewed from our perspective of 3 dimensional space – they appear to be both infinite and less than infinite – or transfinite. However when viewed from a different perspective – they are revealed to be infinite. And circling back to Vandana Singh – this notion coincides with the mathematical epiphany describe in her science fiction story Infinities. In this story the main character is shown a higher order landscape which reveals an explanation for the seemingly random distribution of prime numbers.

It is great when ideas with different origins fit together. My theory of the Truth Function, Cantor’s transfinite numbers and Singh’s science fiction story Infinities all seem to lead us to the same conclusion:

Physical and mathematical paradoxes can be explained by extra, hidden dimensions of space.

Is it coincidence or are we on to something? I don’t know what you think – but personally – I think we are on to something. I believe these ideas buttress my proposal that extra dimensions explain why we observe quantum behavior at Planck scales and how this leads us to the conclusion that everything we experience here in three dimensions of space and one dimension of time – actually exist in pure form as dimensionless information beyond the event horizon of our universe.

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A Tuned Universe

"Pillars of Creation" so named because the gas and dust are in the process of creating new stars

“Pillars of Creation” so named because the gas and dust are in the process of creating new stars

QUESTION: If physics is tuned or adjusted to guarantee some physical event takes place – what would that event be?

CONJECTURE: If the physics of our universe is indeed ‘tuned’ then it is optimized to ensure star formation.

We know that the physical universe we observe and measure is finely tuned. We also know that if any of the ‘settings’ such as the Planck Constant or the speed of light are off by just a little bit, our universe would not exist. Therefore my hypothesis is that our physics is ‘tuned’ to ensure some specific physical event. And if so, my conjecture is that it is optimized to guarantee that a star is born.

Why, star formation? Well before I get into this let me comment on the idea of a tuned universe because this begs another very important question: ‘Who is doing the tuning?’ I don’t need to rehash the entire creationism versus evolution argument but suffice it to say there are probably trillions of words written on this topic. The great thing is that my tuned universe can exist within either paradigm, intelligent creator or natural selection. If we exist within a ‘simulation’ coded by an intelligent creator, then I propose this designer optimized our simulation for star formation. If our universe is a result of natural selection, then the definition of a ‘fittest’ universe is the universe that can birth stars.

Now on to ‘why, star formation and not atom formation or galaxy formation?’ The answer is because each of these other processes (as well as many others) are either required for star formation or a direct result of the physics related to star formation. In order for a star to form you need stable atoms. And if you fine tune physics to ensure stars are born, the rest of the stuff we see happening such as galaxy formation, falls out in the wash. In fact I propose that some of the strange stuff we see falling out of the proverbial wash such as dark energy and matter – also are a product of this tuning.

Furthermore, stars are the ‘engines’ of our universe. Stars drive all subsequent processes from plate tectonics to photosynthesis. So if you tune the universe settings to ensure stars form, energy is created to drive everything that takes place downstream.

And finally, the conditions required to create stars include all of the forces found in modern physics such as: matter attraction (gravity), thermodynamics, mass-energy exchange (e=mc²), stability of elements essential for fusion, and so on.

Another nice feature of a star is that its life cycle, from nebula to supernova, fertilizes the universe with all of the known elements. Stars are element factories. The life cycle of a star also creates and anchors solar systems. If you get stars right, you get planets right and you get a lot of other stuff right.

So can we prove or disprove this conjecture? Maybe. I propose that a computer simulation of the universe be coded up that runs iterative simulations. With each simulation run, randomly adjust the physics settings, keeping the settings that improve fitness for star formation. If the simulation evolves towards a universe that looks like ours, then a proof for this tuned universe where star formation is ensured, would be strengthened. Furthermore, if the anomalies we observe such as dark matter and dark energy are required to create a ‘fitter’ universe for star formation – this may explain the ‘need’ for these observed constructs.

So there you have it – my conjecture for a star optimized tuned universe.

P.S. If you are curious about where quantum physics fits into this conjecture – read my other blog entries on that topic.

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Synopsis of Gilgamesh

Synopsis of Gilgamesh.

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