Hold sacred
each other,
not rituals,
not sites.   



There is no philosophy, religion or mathematical equation that can explain to us why someone we love dies.

Paper Clouds

Paper clouds of crayon white,
hang in their 2D skies.
While crayon people down below,
live out their 2D lives.

Her drawing in its cardboard frame,
hangs square above her bed,
with covers cold and dusty flat;
a pillow with no head.

In here I stand and look around,
at where she slept and dreamt.
In here she gave her dad a hug,
and smiled before she left.

She’s grown and gone into a world,
where dreams and dangers bound.
No longer in her childhood bed.
No longer safe and sound.

Somewhere above her curly hair,
clouds hang in 3D skies,
while real people down below,
live out their 3D lives.