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In Goverment

In government, 

budgets are there to exceed, 

coffers to bleed. 

Oh, and deadlines? 



I Wish Poem

I wish for the mundane,
to walk under the sky,
to stroll the trampled path,
as stoic trees move by.

I wish for one more time,
to see the blue bird fly,
to sit aside the brook,
and hear it babble by.

I wish I could go back,
to smell the cooling sky,
give way to twinkle stars,
and feel the chill inside.

I wish for one more night,
to turn and see your face,
to lie there side by side,
and have your warm embrace.

I wish I could relive,
our carefree forest day,
when time stopped ticking by,
as side by side we lay.

I wish for the mundane,
to be alive again,
completely unaware,
that everything must end.